Hey, I'm Chris

I'm a dev who enjoys no-coding (and sometimes coding) things on the web.

I'm actively building ChubbiPuppies AI-Powered NFT companions with our amazing team!

I've also worked on SheetLink quite a bit this year (currently in a free beta) - easy formulas to link apps with Google Sheets!

Companies like Celsius, Arist, R360 Global and EasyPoint have me help them out sometimes.

^ JavaScript, Python, API's & Webflow are my favorite mix

If you're curious how I traded this website for my puppy, why I traded a digital currency this client created as compensation for building his personal site, or when we'll be selling our ChubbiPuppies just shoot me a DM on twitter 👍

My Favorite...
Client Testimonials: 
 & Cameron
Site Creator: Webflow
Payment Services: StripePlaid (ACH)
Databases: AirtableGoogle Sheets
Membership Tool: Memberstack
JavaScript Library: F'in Sweet CMS Library
Web Analytics: Hotjar
Tool Integrator: Zapier